Sunday, May 25, 2008

Best Green Bags

Attempts to give lower impact on earth lead designers and brands to create sustainable products which are made of either recycled or organic materials. Integration of style and social responsibilities for today and future has been the number one consideration of fashionistas. Second Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards by has a category called “Best Green Handbag”, too. Finalists with slick styles were selected by the judges will be in competition to be the “Best Green Handbag” of the year. This trend to use the wastes in a fashionable way and to reduce the landfill is promising for future and should definitely be supported.
Nazly Villamizar made of natural palm fiber

Suzanna Scarola made of plastic bags,reused chain&button

Jonathan Marcoschamer made of recycled and repurposed candy wrappersTracy Penwell Vintage and recycled materials
Evelina made of eco-friendly materials

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