Saturday, May 24, 2008

gladiator sandals

Ancient Greek style has always been an inspirational source for fashion designers. We have seen many Grecian dresses that are like costumes in movies like Troy and Gladiator...Pleats, drapes and jewels...Right; it was high time for sandals!

The fastest way to get the hip look this summer seems to have a pair of gladiator shoes, actually I’m wrong, you’d better get more than a pair;) Because there are a load of different style of these sandals for diverse occasions. They are generally perfect accessories for casual wear since the common style is strappy, flat with ankle wrap straps in dark brown colors with an authentic look. However, as I mentioned before it is even possible to find one pair for a red carpet event :)

To me, you just have to be careful while you pick your style…Just make sure how many straps would look good on your feet…They just look gorgeous with jeans and ethnic dresses, I’m telling you!

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