Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Turkish Delight in Berlin

Mounted at Berlin’s Museum of Islamic Arts with the backing of the Hauptstadtkulturfond and Garanti Bank sponsorship, the ‘Turkish Delight’ exhibition aims to bring traces of the Turkish tradition in contemporary design to a wide international audience. Turkish culture and motifs, rooted for centuries, have always been an inspirational way for designers. The exhibition, which can be viewed at the Museum of Islamic Arts in the Pergamum Museum from 16 May to 29 June, includes products that combine the traditional Seljuk and Ottoman features with the modern understanding of today's worldwide known Turkish designers.

It consists of 80 works by artists of different generations: Alev Ebüzziya Siesbye, Faruk Malhan, Gönül Paksoy, Oya Akman, Ela Cindoruk, Defne Koz, Koray Özgen, Can Yalman, Erdem Akan, Gülname Turan and Joelle Hançerli. Curated by Güven Günaltay, ‘Turkish Delight’ has the distinction of being the first ever design exhibition to be hosted by the Pergamum Museum.

Dates: May 16th-June 29th 2008
Museum für Islamische Kunst, Berlin - Germany

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