Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Welcome to Istanbul, JOAN MIRO!

Joan Mir��, the 20th century leading surrealist artist

Suna and Inan K��rac Foundation Pera Museum hosts a selection of 120 paintings and sculptors by Joan Mir�� (1893-1983), Spanish painter and sculptor. The exhibition is between May 3 and August 31,2008.

The works being shown are from the Maeght Foundation collection, the first private foundation for contemporary art in France. and include Miro's "Fashion Parade in Istanbul".

Spanish painter, whose surrealist works, with their subject matter drawn from the realm of memory and imaginative fantasy, are some of the most original of the 20th century. The forms of his paintings are organized against flat neutral backgrounds and are painted in a limited range of bright colors, especially blue, red, yellow, green, and black. Amorphous amoebic shapes alternate with sharply drawn lines, spots, and curlicues, all positioned on the canvas with seeming nonchalance. Mir�� also experimented in a wide array of other media, devoting himself to etchings and lithographs for several years in the 1950s and also working in watercolor, pastel, collage, and paint on copper and masonite.

Let's see some of his works...

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