Friday, May 23, 2008

What color are your crocs?

Oppss..yes i can hear that you say ohh no these crazy and colorfull and also funny shoes are everywhere. But there are 10 reasons to wear these funny shoes.

Let`s see them..
  • When you wear these shoes, you feel lightweight.

  • There are very huge color palette, you can find colors whatever you want. My favourite color is orange:)

  • They keep your foot cool.

  • They are waterproof.

  • They are very comfortable.

  • You can easily wear them when you need to go out immediately.

  • It is very easy to clean them.

  • They are stain-proof.

  • They make great power shoes.

  • They are so versatile.

Here we can see there are lots of reasons to wear these funny shoes. Also some famous people know these facts :)

Ohh yes :) Even Bush has a pair of them!

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