Tuesday, May 27, 2008

what's oil price got to do with style?!

Crude Jewelry collection by Design Glut is manufactured in monthly batches. Date and the price of a barrel of oil is engraved on the piece each day it is manufactured. The aim of the collection is reminding us that the oil will be a good old friend that we will be remembering with a nostalgia since it will soon be a thing of the past. Surely, based on the oil prices luxury might be redefined again soon. Economists assume that oil will reach $150-$200 a barrel by Christmas and continue rising steadily.

If the increases keep on the current trend, we all might have to change our life styles. Increase of the oil price means a global inflation. However it leads societies and governments to search for alternative energies such as wind and solar power which supports the current green movement. We see that more and more end users are now environmentally conscious as well as being stylish. This new trend already created its own fashion and green has already been the new black.

As seeking the alternative energies, more people will be looking for alternative ways of transportation because of the fact that it will be more and more expensive to run car every year since the trend seems to be a relatively consistent curve.

My question is will paying for the labor cost in near cities be preferable to shipping them from Far East because of the high transporting costs? Will it create a new global trend?

With oil prices changing such frequently, will Design Glut be able to follow the trend and be fast enough to apply the new price on its collection?

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