Wednesday, June 4, 2008

designer water

It's the era of being stylish and ecologic at the same time. In other words, it's about time to reduce the amount of plastic consumption as much as possible. You're right, it's also high time to give up on plastic water bottles. Water companies around the world seem to be spending enough time on designing their packaging and "designer water" concept becomes more and more widespread, bringing a whole level to water packaging with a sophistication and high class.

Wawali -Water Way of Life, from Spain has a great concept and webpage worth checking with the option of being able to buy their products online. Combining the purest water around the world (from South Africa to Tasmania, 12 countries with 18 different waters) with a whole new level of style, Wawali is really challenging the conventional view of bottled waters.

Water is becoming such an important source day by day as it gets harder to obtain it fine enough. On one hand, companies are bringing new and creative ideas turning water to a way of life;on the other hand eco-movement is encouraging people to consume tap water with re-usable products. We will see who will win pretty soon...

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