Friday, June 27, 2008

how to be different just with a pair of shoe laces

So you like to be casual, not to worry what you wear, no high heels or not a trendy flip flop, but still want to be fashionable.
I hear you asking how, here is the way to healthy feet with a different sense of fashion.

How , how can I be different ( and causal and still comfortable ! ) just with a pair of shoe laces!?
Below, fifteen designs for you to tie your sneakers with a different style every day for over two weeks.
May be later on ( if you work pretty hard) you would discover your own ways as well.

Here is a tip , try different colors of laces together :D
Another one , imagine you wear a brand new, sparkling white sneakers and use wide black satin laces ..
I think I am going to try that tonite ( lol )

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