Sunday, June 29, 2008

summer around globe

I picked some lovely pics from street style blogs. Photos are taken by different people from different parts of the globe. However it seems that dresses and skirts are the hot items for everyone in these hot summer days...

Paris: Lovely and chic Miu Miu dress is just a great match with Parisian graffiti.


Berlin: A young woman with vintage style. Her dress is from great-grandmother.

Milan: Cavalli dress on a fresh day. I just loved the print, altough I normally don't like Cavalli prints. via

Florence: I would never imagine that such a girlish style could suit a woman at her 40s....I really liked the embellished blouse with the super miniskirt.

New York : Lovely shoes...

Palm Beach :

Sao Paulo: I just believe people wearing such high heels are gifted...I mean, I can't even ever dare to try...

Tel Aviv: I am curious if she intentionally matched the color of her shoes with her bicycle wheels ?!...Anyway, it just looks cute:)


London: Cotton red dress on a sunny day...


Bejing: I dont know why she preffered standing like that but her outfit is just so pretty. Her hair? I never met a far eastern with curly hair...


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