Monday, December 15, 2008


MoovBootsTM are the brainchild of two globe-trotting sisters, Meisha Strykowski and Bryony Proctor. After travelling the world and spending years getting wet in their Uggs and cold in their Wellies, they created the sheepskin lined luxury Wellingtons.

The team of MoovCultureTM is driven by the belief that everyone should see the real world as a place that has dreamlike qualities; and that this should not disappear as you get older. The first collection of the MoovBootsTM range was inspired by Alice and her Adventures in Wonderland. A wonderland is a place that pushes boundaries, a place that's off the beaten track.

People who like flying around a dreamworld will also love landing this world on their feets and mooving around with their MoovBoots on.

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