Monday, February 23, 2009

the worst styles from Oscars night

Eventhough there is a common sense that everyone turns head to stare at again and again because of either an adoration or abomination, there are of course some bad styling samples to share as usual. Here are the celebrities who failed last night.

Miley Cyrus
Doesn't she look like a christmas tree in her unnecessarily layered Zuhair Murad dress? She looks extra old in this dress as well as looking more like Cinderella than a celebrity.
Kate Winslet
She might be the Best Actress winner, but not the Best Dress winner. In her one shoulder Yves St. Laurent gown, she looks classy but old and over weight.

Jessica Biel
Designer dress doesn't give you the guarantee of making you look fabulous all the time just like this Jessica Biel case. In her draped Prada piece, she just looks messy also because of her which seems to have made up the night before going to bed.

Heidi Klum
I am in double about her look. She is really hot and young with this red color, maybe I just didn't like this Roland Mouret wreck. I wonder how much better she would look with a better dress.

Any comment? That dress with big leaves and big roses!!! Is Beyonce serious?! Such a beautiful woman was successful enough to make herself look like a big mermaid with big hips thanks to this dress.

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