Tuesday, March 3, 2009

stars can wear under $100 too

Let's see which stars are wearing clothes below $100.

Victoria's headband is just $4!
Mrs Beckham is famous with her expensive accessories, clothes and etc. Interestingly, when she promoted her dress line in London, she had a $4 drugstore Goody Elastic Headwrap for her head.
Vanessa with her $90 shirt
Compared to her $1,825 Balenciaga luxurious motorcycle bag, her $90 Wildfire Couture "Light Feather" raglan tee is just so so so cheap. But this is what celebs generally do: Affordable garments matching with expensive designer accessories.

Miley's scarves
Cyrus knows how to look cute and nice with small and cheap details. In the first picture her D&Y flannel plaid scarf is only $28 and Bop Basic cashmere gloves are only $65. Her coat? Well, you need to pay more for this though...It's from juicy Couture at $498.
In the second photo, her buffalo plaid scarf is only $18 at Aldo.

Katie's $26 Beanie and $30 T-shirt
This cute crochet beanie of Holmes is only $26 at Hurley Girl and very functional in cold winter days and nights. In the other photo, she steps out in pieces from H&M Commes des Garcons collection: $60 polka-dot scarf, $70 dotted cardigan and $30 dotted T-shirt.

Ashley's sweater and Alessandra's bikini
Same kind of case with another celebrity: Super super luxe bag from Louis Vuitton- just $2,080! But her Victoria Secret PINK Fair Isle sweater is only $30 and her ankle boots are Seychelles with a price tag of $99.
Super model is still sexy and beautiful at her $88 Hurley bikini, right? Yeah, it's not the tag, it's the figure that we all need and which we always envy:(

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