Sunday, April 26, 2009

do you believe in second life?

Levi's does!!! Jeans almost have their own life cycles that never end...They are worn happily after being born, worn, worn, ripped, but still worn...worn out but still worn cause it's in style and the more vintage jeans become, the more value they get. But there is sometime that they really can't live with you forever. At some point, your mum attacks your wardrobe while you're out and turns your favorite pair of jeans to a pair of shorts...Then you keep on wearing them at the beach until there is a unlivable hole on it. Then you can turn it to a bag, like Levi's does... They are turning worn-out jeans into new shoes and accessories. For a pair of shoes like below, two pairs of jeans are used. Remember, since Levi's uses second hand jeans, they are all different than eachother which means that all shoes are individual. The range which is called "Another Life' also includes belts and baseball caps, all made from used Levi's Jeans.

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