Wednesday, April 22, 2009

do you dear to wear?

I am still someone who wears normal high heel shoes, sneakers or flats...Am I out of fashion or am I just normal? I still have to figure out that while looking at these models...

Is this from an Utopian world or what? I am still trying to get used to the fact that some designers came with this crazy idea of heel-less shoes to torture fashion crazes and some desperate fashion followers ( including Mrs Beckham) adobted this idea too quick in the name of being a " fashion icon". Now are we even being pushed to wear shoes those are actually not shoes. I mean functionally not shoes but look like shoes...If you are a princess, and don't even have to touch the ground, fine your feet will be OK ( provided that you never have to go to public bathrooms as well). Aminaka Wilmont design from her Spring 2009 collection is just beyond limits.
These Ferragamo heels look probably the most normal pieces among the others- this would probably be what you'd think until I tell you guys that heels were made of gold. I mean, gold...
True, a very spring inspired design from Scherer Gonzales for Spring 2009. Who will maintain the fresh orchids all the time though?

Supermodel Heidi Klum is posing with Alexander McQueen thigh-high boots which are probably as tall as myself! At least they have heels and you don't have to try to keep your balance like the high heel-less shoes, that's something :P
Beyoncé with YSL Tribute Double Platform Heels in New York. I would probably manage to have only few steps with them before falling down...Should looking tall feel so much painful like this?

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