Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bjørg JeWelleRy

Bjørg was born on a dark winter-night in December 1966. She grew up in the arctic nature where the wild mountains meet the North Ice Ocean. With bright summer nights and winter days with darkness and colors of the Nordic light. She was gifted with an energetic family with open minds, and was the youngest of four children. She was always encouraged to enjoy her creativity and she had an endless line of projects like the rest of her family.
“My work is very intuitive and most of it happens without me really knowing where it came from or how...
This year’s collection is a lot more figurative and a lot of it comes from specific images of the Victorian era and its “Memento Mori” jewellery, there are also elements of surrealism and old fairy-tales.
The surrealist aspect is present in the approach as much as in the actual imagery. It’s about defying conventions, finding the beauty in imperfection and creating something that not only looks good, but also resonates certain thoughts, emotions or even humor...”
words by Bjørg for Yatzer

You SHOULD visit her web site but pls don't skip the video. It's a really amazing video was directed and produced by two young (20 years old) Norwegian talented directors Matias Rygh & Mathias Eriksen .

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Charlotta Ward said...

I agree on all accounts - she is so fabulous and her collections truly addictive!
They definitely cements Nordic folklore, mythology and playful fairytale styles wonderfully.
Am totally smitten and have bought several pieces..