Wednesday, June 10, 2009

flats flats flats

As Fashion Magazine says, "Just because you've ditched the heels doesn't mean you can't look flat out fabulous. " :)
I am someone who puts her comfort as priority than any other thing. Life can be shorter, and more closed to earth with flats, but they are comfortable and "safe". I haven't met a pair of flat shoes which act as potential enemies of ankles. It doesn't mean that you don't hurt your ankles if you wear flats, but even if you do, it's either becauce you are very clumsy, or the road is not good enough to walk on:) Yeap, i can find many reasons to convince you how life is great and feet are happy with flats!!!

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Woven ballet flats

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Cutout leather ballerina flats

Miu Miu
Sequin embellished flats

Studded leather flats

Stella McCartney

Cloud-print sandals

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