Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Must Have : Trench Coat

There are times to get back to our trench-coats year-round in Spring and Fall, two seasons in which it's hard to estimate what the weather would be like in the afternoon. This happened to me two days ago : The weather was just awesome like a late summer day stolen from fall. So I went out with my great and functional summer outfit. Late that day, it started raining cats and dogs, and I was more than wet:) If I had my practical trench coat with me, things would have been difficult;)

A well-made classical trench coat will always save your life by means of both being very useful and stylish at the same time. Two birds, one stone...What else could be expected from the term "fashion" ? Like the Ms Celebrities, Burberry has the best options. But if it's not affordable, go ahead and choose one of the nice ones in your price range- since it's just amazingly easy to find a trench you like and can afford.

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