Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Skin by Chanel

Ryan McSorley designed a product which is called "Skin by Chanel" that has interesting concept. Make up is probably one of the unique areas that we don't (or are not able to) show off the brand we use. His concept is interesting also because of showing where this brand awareness could go to.

Here is his describtion of his design:

"The skincare market is growing year after year. We see more and more skincare procedures, products and brands becoming available to us, and we are under constant pressure to look younger than we are. Where does it stop? And what does the future look like for skin?

Bernadette Wegenstein, in her book Getting under the Skin: Body and Media Theory, puts it like this, ‘In cosmetics, just as in the figurative arts, the skin has become a detached commodity. Marketers think about it in absolute, abstract and detached terms.’ Our own skin has become a material ans surface which is open to creative reworking.

As with mass-produced commodity products, skin is a means for individual expression- we want to be different and set ourselves apart from the masses. Just as we can define ourselves through the brands of clothing we wear, or the brand of mobile phone we have, we can now define ourselves by the brand of skincare product we use. If you are using skincare by Chanel, you want people to know that your skin is by Chanel, in the same way that Chanel handbags have clear branding, why shouldn’t our skin.

Considering this idea of branding skin, I have designed a beauty kit for Chanel. I chose Chanel due to it’s strong logo and brand history, and the fact that it is a high end brand. The packaging is manufactured in Corian, giving a smooth finish, and the organic and pebble like form is intended to reflect our obsession with perfection, especially when it comes to our faces. The kit is used at night before sleeping and includes a Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser. There is also a headband in the kit, which is tied around the head and worn while sleeping. There is a silicone ‘Chanel logo’ on the underside of the headband which during the night leaves an imprint of the Chanel logo on the skin, which is visible for a few hours. People can then clearly see that the owner uses Chanel Skincare and not some other brand. Their skin has been branded Chanel… the ultimate fashion accessory you might say!?"


.z. said...

i find this soooo messed up !

Gizem said...

that's taking way tooo far!!!!

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