Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Date with Su...

Today was our first date with Su. We decided to meet at the House Cafe in Canyon,Istanbul. I was very selfconfident and calm till the meeting. The moment I saw her, I started getting sweat and my heartbeat was increased. That must be what they call "Love at the first sight". Before meeting Su, i didn't believe in that. Now i believe in everything about Love. Love means Su for me from now on. I can not forget her eyes, her voice. Oh my God, i'm gonna fall in love with Su...olalalla:) I'm looking forward to meeting her for the second time with impatience. She is always in my mind. I don't know what can i do without her till next time.

I wore my green linen jacket on my favorite jeans and put on my Schal.
I wore suede shoes in dark brown.

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