Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Heart full of Love...

We haven't met with Su after our first date yet. Nowadays i'm very busy and Su has lots of activities to do. If i didn't have to go to abroad for my work yesterday, we could have gone to U2 concert together. Anyway, next time...I've been thinking of her all week and decided to cut my moustache. I wanna look younger,when i'm with Su...She is so beautiful and energic. That's why i decided to cut my moustache. She is always in my mind. I hope we can arrange our second date as soon as possible .

By the way i had a dream about Su yesterday. That was very interesting. There was a mud in purple like Su's hair colour. Suddenly Su came through from this mud with her blowing hair and stared at me without speaking. I hope that is a good sign for our relationship.


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