Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MadMen Inspired Fashion

You might ask yourself : "Su, what's up with you? What does this girlish feminity about? What have you got to do with this grandma skirt and pink pullover? What does this housewife look mean?" It's all MadMen's fault. This TV show, which has been taking the Emmy Awards to its home for years, has finally managed effecting the world of fashion. So I am into it;)

Here we come across with Lara Croft exactly like the girls in MadMen in Vogue U.S. September 2010 issue. High weisted flared skirts, paired with tight sweaters, wavy hair...Of course, as a result of this trend, models with curves will be preferred. Low neck styles will be improved, lips will be mentioned, and conservative '60s style will warm a lot of people coming fall. If you still don't have pleated skirts, woolen sweaters and vintage jewellery left from your mom, get out of home and do some shopping ;)

How great Mert&Marcus reflected the housewife style of 60s right? Jump here if you wanna see some more shots.

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