Saturday, October 16, 2010

Su and The Occupier Beneath Her-Part 1

This is not a subject to fit into a post. My relationship with the occupier below who has no idea about community living, with weak communication skills, who is obsessed, who thinks she is sarcastic but actually can never be closed to the art of sense of humor moves forward really fast. She ran upstairs right after Mini and I came back to home after a tiring trip around early afternoon on a sunny Saturday asking us if we just moved in and were busy with painting. She was all upset because she said that we had waken her up. On the contrary, Mini and I were both dressed up, ready to go out to get some freash air. Home was all dolled up, with no electrical device on, neither a sound system. She must be upset with this funny situation she found herself, like a tiger trying to catch her victim, she ran back just few days later, when Mini and I were exercising:

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