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1 st Istanbul Fashion Lab organized by Fashion Designers Association, took place at the historical complex of Tophane-i Amire between March 13-15, 2008. This event included both Turkish and foreigner fashion designers: Arzu Kaprol, Bahar Korçan, İdil Tarzi, Hatice Gökçe, Özlem Süer, Ümit Ünal and Ezra-Tuba Çetin.

The activity drew attention of the audience as well as media. Fashion Lab was more experimental and short-term compared to World's other fashion weeks. Organization should have been seen. Being a part of the show was a thrilling experience.This event was the second big organization, the first one was Galata Moda. This is a big creation prosess which should be guided to future. Because Istanbul Fashion Lab will continue to build on its status as a key event in World's fashion calender. It is not a dream...

The aim of the event was to make Turkish fashion sector a "fashion icon" in the creation of the world fashion trends. It was a place where everyone tried to find new things and discovered original styles. Therefore Turkish designers showed their collection of A/Winter 2009 at the same time with the rest of the world.

Istanbul Fashion Lab will be performed twice a year. Thereby, it will open new gates in the sense of making designs commercial, helping consumers to understand designers.

Ümit Ünal:

The collection was named as "Moira" which meant a part or portion, and by extension one's portion in life or destiny. They controlled the metaphorical thread of life of mortal and immortal from birth to death. The collection was based on black and white.

Hatice Gökçe:

The collection was named as "Diyojen". She was inspired by a philosopher from Sinop who was trying to catch simple meaning of life. The important quote of Diyojen to be inspired by Hatice Gokçe is that "I am trying to find a honest person while walking with a lamp in Athena streets. The collection was based on Black.

İdil Tarzi:

The collection was named as "Çile (Suffering)". This name is not related to the preparation period of the collection, trying to express suffering of Turkish women. She wanted to draw attention to the lives of Anatolian Women.

Bahar Korçan:

The collection was named as "Her şey işte Tam bu andı ( It was the exact moment)". She used organic fabrics made of bamboo fibres in the collection. The designs of shoes belong to Sertaç Delibaş. The most important part of the organization is being the guide for young designers.

Arzu Kaprol:

The collection was named as "Çeyiz (Dowry)". She prepared a dowry for a nonexistent future. It was showed in Milan and London. The sharpest figure of the collection was peacock. Laser cutting, silk, chiffon, and wool are based on the collection.

Ezra-Tuba Çetin:

The collection was named as "Altın şehir İstanbul(The golden city, İstanbul)". The collection was based on leather, knit and twill fabrics. During the fashion show, a dance show was performed. These sisters believe that this event will connect fashion and art. Therefore they presented their collection through a short film.

Özlem Süer:
She showed her own brand " OEZ SUE". The topic of the collection is showing the way of turning our daily mood to special moments. She believes that this event will get bigger and be known all around the world.

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jade said...

I don't know how he paid for his fashion show. I was a buyer of him. He owe money to me and he said he cannot pay any money to me back becaues he faced bankruptcy. Whenever I called him, he said he was there. Even though he had no money back to the buyer which has to be paid, he has money to have fashion show and to invite his friends. Such a great lie! I think he is ruining turkey fashion and also turkish ppl. How do we have a business with such a unethical person?
Sorry to post here. But I want other ppl to know this fact.