Sunday, May 4, 2008


As soon as i saw this piece of news in a website, i wanted to share it immediately with all of you. These shoes are fantastic, fashionable and have a high sense of creativity.

They are made by Matthieu Missiaen who is 25 years old works in Toronto these days. These shoes are very extraordinary. All of them are special in a way to wear one pair of them will make you so unique and one of a kind.

He is from Paris, and he works with Ndeur. There are lots of different types for customers, you can find shoes with high or middle heel or flat.And all of them are made by special leather. The patterns on the shoes are inspired by street fashion. And all of these shoes are made by hand.

Now everybody wants to be uniqe and different from eachother so these shoes are very good alternative for this kind of people.

Let's enjoy with some of them...

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