Saturday, August 30, 2008

copenhagen fashion week SS09

I know, it's a little bit confusing this way...While we were just talking about fall '08 fashion which is on the way and still live the Summer '08 fashion on a daily basis, I am coming up with the photos of Spring / Summer '09 fashion taken during Copenhagen Fashion Week that was held two weeks ago! Well, is it me or is it fashion itself, creating this confusion in our simple lives?!
The Danish capital has been such a popular fashion destination recently due to its designer brands. It might be said that CFW is trying little hard to become the next fashion capital like Milan or Paris. However, emerging designers with the culture of legendary Scandinavian design tradition give fashion lovers good opportunities and options to take a look.
Based on my observations as fas as the catwalk pics I could see are concerned, I could say that we are going to live a "yellow" summer next year. Yellow is a good choice of color for summer: fresh, alive and bright; carrying all the descriptions of the season itself. It can be used as a trim color like in belts, shoes or as an accent in prints, or just as a garment color. Although it isn't as dominant as yellow, the other vibrant color is green. It's widely used in accessories. Green still has time to surround us more, I guess. Fashion trends take time anyway;) Neutrals are just so strong, pastel pink creates a good balance with neutral tones.
Style wise, we keep on feeling comfortable and flow in dresses. I really love this dominance of dresses. Any style of dresses is available, maxis are my favorites though... I can tell vests that have been neglected for sometime seem to be knocking on our doors...High waist continues. Lastly, prints aren't common. They are generally one color, like a painting on the fabric.

Here are my picks...


Designers Remix Collection

Munthe plus Simonsen

Malene Birger

Day Birger at Mikkelsen

Photos by Thomas Yong / Flickr

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