Monday, October 13, 2008

2008 Chanel for Sports...

As you know, Chanel is in every part of our life as a make-up,fragance, skin care and couture. But you forget something is that famous french fashion house makes some very luxe sporting stuffs too. If you wanna be fashionable when you make sports, you should look at these stuffs.

I have just heared that it is not the first time for Chanel. Before that Chanel also make some sporting equipments like racquets,skis and footballs.

Here's their latest collection...

Chanel couture bicycle, $12,000.USD

Graphite tennis racquet complete with matching CC balls, $255. USD

Resin, wood and fiberglass Snowboard, $2,750. USD

Rosewood fiberglass and aluminum parabolic snow skis (price unknown)

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