Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Juha Mustonen

Juha Mustonen is a photographer from Helsinki, Finland. Today Mustonen travels mainly between Helsinki and Milan, where he has worked already a few years during the spring and summer times.Few magazines, brands, companies, bands and musicians Mustonen has worked for: Slammer mag, Kult mag, I.C.O.N., Onboard mag, Electric Visuals, Transworld Snowboarding, "One" mag, Bulgaria mag, Tarsala Creation, Hasan & Partners, Aula mag, Westbeach, Billabong, Makia, Yhtyneet Kuvalehdet, Marimekko, Aikei, Halti, Jippu (singer/songwriter), Tik Tak (band), Dame (band), DJ Mobster, Helsinki Music Company, Salomon, K2, The Dudesons, Playboard mag, Hammer, Mens Health, Kone Helsinki, Frans Emil, Suosikki, Sanoma Magazines, Smith Optics...

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