Thursday, November 20, 2008

celebrities in leggings

As we all know, trends repeat themselves in few decades. We have been getting the signals of the return of '80s for few years now. As we saw Topshop's summer 2009 collection, it wasn't hard to guess that '80s was going to be the hit next summer.
I know some of you guys hate '80s. Personally, I hate big shoulders and acid colors. But this season, follow the celebrities and get the look of the fashion comeback : Leggings. Preferably paired with mini skirts or long tunics, sometimes worn under a nice flowing dress, accessorised with an oversize bag and sexy boots, layered with bracelets and necklaces, leggings will make you look and feel pretty;)

Nicole Richie :

Lindsay Lohan : Jessica Alba :

Hilary Duff :
Drew Barrymore :

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