Monday, November 3, 2008

kate moss' new look

Fringed hairstyle is in our lives for last few seasons. Actually, blunt-cut fringe is the hair trend for 2007-2008. If Kate Moss who was very loyal to her messy look with her old hairstyle changed it to a fringed one, probably it will be hot trend also in 2009. I am actually in double about it. It looks so hot on some girls and so fake on some others (as if they are the bad replicas of Cleopatra). Maybe it's all about how you use it,too.

Long fringe with halfway revealing the eyes gives a fresh and young look to her. I actually liked the way she uses it,too. Because it's pretty messy as if she got out of the bed and didn't even comb her hair:) She even used it this way with a night dress!!!

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