Wednesday, November 5, 2008

what I would love to have in my HOUSE - vol.1

With all the below, I know that my house would be overstuffed , though I would really love to have these in my house ( assuming- wishing I will have 4 to 6 roomed house one day! xD )

This BLEIJH design fruit bowl. "Bleijh concept & design strives to be a user-focused design company. With emphasis on making people's lives easier. The aim is to combine esthetics and function, and to make products commercially viable." Right on spot I would say!

Byung-seok You
A very simple yet practical design, to warm up your coffee. I would say it is also against global warming,too!

More to see:

Joe Cariati
Dont you agree that the Joe Cariati glass vases look just lovely? I would definitely want a few of them on my table , especially the round ones .

Thomas Keeley
I loved loved loved the chairs! I know they are a little bit out from a regular chair format, still, I would definitely want them around my dining table : ) ( not together with the vases above, though )
There are a lot of other interesting designs on the below website, you should check out !

Sami Rinne Design

I love it , I love it !
I want my evening coffee steaming from the big black bat cup , on top the bat chair above, watching Batman!

I find it more intriguing when what makes the design is hidden in details.
The teapot , is a perfect example for this, look at those little twisted potholders.

Lotte Alpert
Lotte Alpert design "Lazy teapot" , you keep watching tv , while it makes the tea, and no need to lift the pot to fill your cup!!

Spider Catcher
I had listed lots of stuff that I would love to have in my house , definitely NOT including spiders!
Therefore here is a wonderful device that removes the spiders and insects off your house , without any harm.

"If you dislike spiders or other insects in your house and want to remove them without harm then all you need is the Spider Catcher. It works by surrounding the spider with bristles that close around the spider, the bristles harmlessly trap the spider, to allow you to pickup and release the spider outside. " is how they describe it in the website. You can purchase the spider catcher to 15euros from the below website :

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