Friday, December 26, 2008

creative t-shirt prints

Less is more...Sometimes designers pick the hardest way to reveal their imagination and creativity : Complicated print designs with too much color and messy shapes. However, they can be clear and ingenious at the same time. Below t-shirts are all from Spring/Summer '09 collections of designers and they are just very pretty as well as being simple.

Yves Saint Laurent: Little hint about this tee, you can combine it with the YSL tote bag with the same print on ;)

Marc by Marc Jacobs: We have a little hint about this tee as well; how about a combination of Miss Marc tee with Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes. ?

Sonia Rykel , knee length cute socks continue being "in" also in hot summer days ;)

Lanvin, ooohhh I loved this one!!! Very hip...

1 comment:

Juice said...

I would love to own the Sonia Rykel one! Theyre so discreetly stylish! :)