Monday, January 12, 2009

Hmm Interesting!!

Hel-looks is one of the street fashion websites. There are many photos from different styles which you will be inspired. You should visit to this website.

Here are some photos from Hel-looks which i like most.

Emma (20)
"Many people say that winter is the most uninspiring time what comes to style. I disagree. Darkness and depressing weather inspire me. It's great to wrap myself with big, warm clothes.
Now I'm wearing a jacket from Hietalahti second hand market, shoes from Paris and trousers from Sokos sale.
Old people inspire me, too. Don't forget your grandparents! They need your visit."

Sanni (13)
"I like bright colours, ties, checkered clothes and my yellow Dr. Martens boots.
Pippi Longstocking is my style idol and source of inspiration. Pippi is cool, because she does whatever she wants and has a great style."

Antti (27)
"I'm wearing jeans that my flatmate rip apart, Christmas decorations as a necklace, my friend's jacket, a chastity belt, a hat from a carnival store and riding boots because I always wanted to go horse-riding.
As a reaction against all the talking about decline, I'm inspired by splurge and binge. Finnish band Dinosauruxia is great!"

"I collect 60's vintage. My fur hat, bag, boots and cardigan are from the 60's. The cardigan used to belong to my grandfather, my greatest style idol. He wore same clothes for 20 years. I often wear my relatives' old clothes. I also make clothes myself."

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