Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blythe Dolls for Fashion

Blythe is a doll created in 1972 by designer Allison Katzman with the now-defunct U.S. toy company Kenner. Reportedly, she was modelled after drawings by Margaret Keane, similarly to many other dolls of the '60s and '70s. Her most distinctive and notable feature were eyes that changed color with the pull of a string attached to the back of her head. Due to a lack of interest, Blythe dolls were only sold for one year in the U.S. (produced in Hong Kong), during 1972.

Many of these dolls have Asian or anime style features. Clothing lines may include Asian themes and in some cases Asian names (such as "Momoko" or "Taeyang". Some Asian fashion dolls are dominated by Western dress, such as with Momoko Doll's lineup, Pullip's wardrobe, or the extensive Jenny fashions. More traditional Asian dress is also represented, such as with kimono-centric Annz dolls. A number of other dolls also dress in kimonos such as Jenny, Momoko, Pullip, etc.

Who knows, maybe these dolls will be the most wanted models for fashion in the future:) I am still waiting for these dolls to be sold in Turkey. As soon as they come here, i will get many of them. Opps, if i have enough money:)

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