Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am Barbie, I drive Pink

Barbie will probably be such a depressed old "young" lady after her 50th birthday is finally over since it has been celebrated all around world with stunning gifts. Fiat dedicated a new 500 model to Barbie. Although these photos are its CAD version, Fiat Centro Stile and Mattel released the latest on the lavish show car.
It's chariming and pretty as Barbie itself. Inside- outside pink dominated design, sparkling crystals, outline the doll’s famed silhouette on the pillars, glass roof to stare at stars and moon with Ken in the romantic evenings, lip glosses in brilliant colours stored in the glove compartment, I mean all the craziness you can just imagine...I wonder what the sale price would be like for this ultra chic, luxurious 500.

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