Thursday, March 19, 2009

west side story revival in broadway

Broadway revival of West Side Story opens this week, Vanity Fair celebrates this revival with a photography recreation of the scenes from the 1961 film version featuring Jennifer Lopez and her friends. Photographer Mark Seliger has made such a successful work.
"West Side Story is gang warfare set to music. It’s dance as a weapon. It’s love and death with a Latin beat. West Side Story rocks. The first thing you hear is snapping fingers. That beat. The hoodlums who make up the rival gangs the Sharks (Puerto Rican) and the Jets (Anglo-Irish-Italian) fill the frame in the early going, trying to out-macho one another with charged moves, only to give way to the riveting heroines Maria and Anita."via Vanity Fair
As a big fan of West Side Story, Jennifer Lopez should be very happy for this revival. She watched the film “37 times” as a kid growing up in the Bronx....

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