Friday, March 27, 2009

marc in brasil

Marc Jacobs is starting to invade Latin Americe with his first multibrand store in Sao Paulo/Brazil. His store is a new concept in Latin America and probably will not be the first and the last one, since the continent is a huge market for fashion industry. In the store, will be sold Marc Jacobs Collection, Marc By Marc Jacobs, and Little Marc. I can't imagine how stylish Little Marcs would be when they become adults :)

Around the same time, Marc announced that he was "not available" anymore, by introducing his long time partner Lorenzo Martone as his fiancé. They are nowadays busy with showing off their Love Cartier rings. They seem to become a sweet family soon with this little cute baby girl, right? Rumors say that, couple was going to adobt her ;) I am just sory for myself as a woman, since I believe he didn't have to be gay...In our time, we don't only compete with other women, but also with other men. Life is getting tougher!!!

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