Friday, March 27, 2009

This Season's Top ten Must-Haves has listed the top ten Must-Haves of the season. There are the drapes , the colors, leather jackets, strong shouldered jackets...I assume, they want us people to have almost every item presented at the fashion shows in our wardrobes this season.. You know what, I would love to have all in my wardrobe ( the huge one, where you could fit an elephant in ), though I cant .Therefore , I would suggest you form your own fashion sense and be self-confident, thats all it matters , right ? :D xx

Let's check what we can fit to our wardrobes from the top ten must-haves

1 Something sexy - Yves Saint Laurent

2 Something drapped - Victor & Rolf

3 Leather Jacket - Phi

4 OOover the knee boots - Rodarte

5- Decorated legs - Miu Miu

6- Something surreal - Comme des Garçons

7 Something colorful - Christian Dior

8 Strong shouldered Jackets - Balmain

9 Something studded - Alexander Wang

10 Something faux - Stella McCartney

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