Thursday, March 5, 2009

a successful collection from a celeb-designer

All these outfits below are just too much my style! Kind of grunge but still classy, for people who have casual style with a strong identity...I haven't deeply investigated Sienna Miller's personal style so far, however this collection must be reflecting her since it belongs to her and her sister Savannah Miller's new brand called Twenty8Twelve. Their brand has been a big success in New York Fashion Week which I believe that they totally deserve.
They have two stores in London and they sell to different stores around the world. Since brand is targeting young generation, their pricing strategy is like TopShop which means sometimes it might be possible to find an item that we can afford (This is good news, huh?).
The collection's major items are tuxedo jackets, leggings, skinny jeans, and flowy tees. Designer duo's comments about their own collection:
“It started off as a grunge collection in one direction, then as a glam collection in the other,” Sienna Miller said, “and then it all met somewhere in the middle.”
Savannah Miller described it as “Pirates of the road meets Grace Jones.”

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