Monday, April 20, 2009

pale spring

We knew that the romance of pink and pale would surround us in the garden of roses coming spring. We just predicted this to have happened only in the women's world, though. One, because romance is a part of the womansoul; two, because you can hardly ever succeed in finding a man who wills to wear pink. That was until seeing GQ Russia's editorial though...Never say never, and everything changes even the water of the river that you took shower in. Although men can wear pink,you'd better be careful about the tone of the pink.

These romantic and chic looks in GQ Russia, give men good style-tips about being chic, casual and elegant at the same time. Combined with pale and neutral colors, used with grey tones, pink can add a chic edge to the look as well as still being masculine. Idea is brilliant because it somehow reminds men to buy a bunch of flowers on the way home ;)

Photography by Yu-Tsai, featuring model Eddie Klint.

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