Saturday, May 16, 2009

Supersized Earrings...

That is the time to put your hair up and start collecting all the shoulder duster earrings you can. The large statement look has arrived! Supersized earrings are the latest accessories trend, following in the footsteps of giant heels. But be careful!Doctors are warning that such earrings are causing some fashion-conscious women to be noticed for all the wrong reasons, reported the Daily Mail.
They say the heavy accessories can seriously damage earlobes, leaving unsightly scars.

Here are some celebrities with Supersized Earrings...

Kate Beckinsale - Freida Pinto

Kate Winslet - Drew Barrymore

Alicia Keys - Beyonce

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Hilary Duff

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l'étiquette de la soie said...

My absolute favorite statement earrings. They can't be worn with every outfit..that's for sure. But when the time is right, they bring a million compliments.