Monday, June 1, 2009

Cuff Links for FATHERS!

Father's Day is a day honoring fathers, celebrated on various days in many places around the world. it was celebrated on June 15 in many countries. In 2009, it will be celebrated on June 21 in many countries. What do you get your father for Father's Day this year?

First of all you have to think about what kind of dad your father . Here are the cuffs which are suitable for every kind of dad...Whatever you decide, look for something that is bought useful and he can get a lot of value from.

LIMITED - Jones LEGO Silver Cufflinks
These Fun Classy LEGO® Indiana Jones Silver-plated Cufflinks will surely get some attention! $19.99 USD

Red White Blue LEGO Tile Silver Cufflinks
Retro Man Guys Dad Fun Gift 80's Dork Boy Groom Groomsmen Fathers day. These Retro LEGO® 2x2 Tile Silver-plated Cufflinks will bring back some childhood nostalgia! $13.99 USD

Traditional Classic Chinese Mahjong Tile Cufflinks
A pair of Mahjong Tile Silver Plated Cufflinks - "Zie" - this Chinese character means the WEST. $4.90 USD

LAST PAIR-Arcade Coin Gold Cufflinks
Crafted from classic Namco Arcade coins, these awesome gold-plated cufflinks are the perfect gift for father's day!$19.99 USD

Star Wars Shadow Trooper Helmet LEGO Silver Cufflinks
They're essential for any star wars lover, and incredibly unique, you'll never find anything like them! $18.99 USD

HERO cuff links
Tell your father is your HERO.$25.00 USD

Retro 6 Sided Dice Cufflinks
A pair of handmade dice cufflinks.$6.90 USD

Custom Photo Cufflinks
These cufflinks can be made using your photographs, artwork or any custom image you may have. $14.00 USD

Compass Cufflinks
Little tin working compasses encased in glass on silver cuff links. $18.00 USD

Heineken Beer Bottle Cap Cuff Links
These cuff links are hand made by yours truly using upcycled bottle caps (they're used, but have been cleaned)and silver plated cuff link backs. $12.00 USD

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