Monday, June 1, 2009

Pcs from Jonathan and Annie Zawada's WORLD...

Jonathan and Annie Zawada are artists, designers and art directors at their home in Sydney. They have a beautiful and anjoyable house. We took some pcs from the selby to show you some details to be a guide for you:)

The heels look very comfortable. It's not difficult for us to walk with these heels....

It looks very sweet. To be honest it's not my style:(

It looks like converse but more creative. Especially i like the lacing with stars:)

Thousands of people believe in superstitions although a lot off people think of them as nonsense and not based on reason. Black cats have long been believed to be a supernatural omen since the witch hunts of the middle ages when cats were thought to be connected to evil. Since then, it is considered bad luck if a black cat crosses your path. We understood that this couple don't believe in supersitions:) Look at the above pic! It's very cute and charming. How can it bring us bad luck? By the way, it's a very good idea to put a scarf on the handle of the bag.

These colourful scarfs look beautiful. They'll be a good partner for your clothes. If you wanna have a unique scarf like above to be different from than others, you can create your own scarf by using special colourful pens for making patterns on the fabrics.

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