Tuesday, June 30, 2009

that's us!

This pretty bride above is me-Ole! After putting a lot of effort on everything to make the most expected day as shiny as possible, we made it!!! After a colorful relationship of four years with my yesterday's boyfriend, today's hubby, we are finally married!!! That's why it took sometime to come back down to earth and give some care also on blog. Honestly, somehow men become so much care taker after marriage. Mine would already call himself as "caresponge" before marriage, so you can imagine my situation....But we are doing good and happy:)
My fellow friends Bubu and Zezo were with me during my special day to make it even more special. Everything is more livable with friends! I am just so much thankful to them to make my day! We already joined Bubu's wedding party few months ago and had great time. God knows when it will be Zezo's day- but I am already counting the days since I am sure we will have another unforgettable day together!!!!:D

I tagged this post as celebrities, since we are shining stars on this planet!!!!


.z. said...

" and i pronounce you
husband and wife ! "
doesn't it sound so familiar ?! :D

- hey! if youre counting on the days till my wedding day , you'll wait for a looooooonglong time ,fyi

Mimmo said...

I'm so proud of being friend of these 3 beautiful girls!

Ahmet ┼×enel said...

Hey burcu how are you? Pattern of your cloth is really nice! :)