Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What's up with denim trends?

I must admit, my mind has been so much overwhelmed with something else recently that I don't even remember the meaning of the word "trend" anymore:P Hihihihi, life is actually pretty cool when you don't kill yourself with the fashion, trends, what to wear etc. However, at some point being and feeling stylish is good to eyes and self-soul ;) When I finally dolled up today to go out with my gentlemen, I saw the sparkling in his eyes...Yeap, that's worth checking out what's in:P

We have been constantly writing that it was the time of destroyed denims. Here you go, after celebrities they are physically at stores,too. And we didn't exaggerate at all: we are not talking about a little, eddy biddy, tiny destroys- they have to be really washed out, overused, damaged...I know that we have been quite conservative after wearing these clean look skinny jeans- for God knows how long. But just get out of your shells gals! You'll just look soooooooo hottie!!!

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