Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Punk and Rihanna

How closed do you think these two words would get closer in your mind? Punk and Rihanna? My answer would be like "no relation at all" until I saw these photos of Rihanna's latest hair style. Her hair style in music video of Umberella was pretty girlish and popular at that time. Do you think she would be strong enough to affect the hair fashion in this direction? Well, not everyone has such a perfect face and figure like her, so I am not sure.
She was seen on July 16th in New York City with both sides of her head completely shaved, with a longer layered section left in the center. With her big rocky eagle ear-rings, and skinny jeans, she looks like a rebellion. With her new trendy look, Rihanna seems to be supporting Cassie's new one side shaved hair style. I still need sometime to get used to look this look...

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