Tuesday, July 21, 2009

H&M new release October/ September ; soooo 80's

We all know that H&M's success is that is it "the affordable fashion" . Though, in my opinion, the second reason why they are sooo successfull is their frequent release of new products.
Whenever you visit an H&M store, you get to see new products all the time. I assume this satisfies us, we women looooove to shop- very frequently, eh?

Here , i present you the preview of H&M's September / October product release.

The loose cut of the shirts , the jackets with padded shoulders, the fabric, the shiny materials used, the jackuard fabric designs all resemble 80's .
Sooo 80's... yeay!

all from nitro:licious , thank you!


Pinar said...

loved the white ankle boots!!!

.z. said...

they are my favorite,too !!