Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daily Inspiration: '60s

When I came across with the vintage fashion magazine covers right after having observed Marc Jacob's recent collection which was all about Polka dots, it wasn't hard to guess which years have had inspired him during his creation process. Burda cover is from 1967, L'officiel is from 1962, Vogue is from 1965. In fact, we can now figure out the source of colorful outerwear collection of Burberry. I have always loved the style of '60s: The bold make up especially on eyes, shining lips in natural color, short haircut like Twiggy had and of course the mini dresses with pockets on both sides. I guess it will be easy to be good friends with coming winter ;) You should definitely check out the Fashion Covers' Magazines Photostream that I found on Flickr by chance. If you like vintage a little, I'm sure you love it!

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