Tuesday, February 8, 2011

....does it matter?

My name is Sam or Selim, does it matter? Why are adjectives are that important to us? Rich or poor, male or female, Turkish or German, does it matter? I hear you saying "It doesn't matter." , we all say so, however things are not quite like that in practice. It does matter a lot. Some of us face many difficulties just because they are women, still in the 21st century. Some modern countries seem peaceful and show eastern countries as barberians and warriors, but they actually keep creating wars. People talk about being international, with no race and nation discrimination, but you feel that they actually discriminate you. I haven't experienced this discrimination personally, but I came across it on others, and it hurt me. When I saw that the heart inside of human race has died, I also felt like I was dying. I recame to live with a hope, with a hope saying that we could actually change this world. While too many kids in the world die of hungar, while people agonize on the streets, I saw people who were crying just because they couldn't buy the purse they wanted to even if they had too many "designer" bags. I saw a person falling down on the bus and saw anybody helping him to stand up. I saw that everyone could become your best friend all in sudden when you succeed in something, and noone would be around when you seem to fail.

My name is Sam or Selim, does it matter? I keep asking myself why the world is like that. But I haven't found an answer yet. Hopefully I will find an answer one day...

Sam or Selim, does it matter?

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