Friday, February 11, 2011

Inga Inga....What does he mean?...

Poor mommy, I know that you've just given birth to him. After a hard voyage of 9 months, finally you had your baby but the actual difficulties are just starting! This new member of our planet doesn't speak our language, to be able to understand what he says, first of all you will have to learn his own very personal languag. We all know you maxed out, you wish you could have sometime for yourself, you probably had some times that you couldn't take it anymore. However, what is the fault of this little guest? His language containing only few words in it is a bit complex, butttt a way he cries might mean something different than another way he cries, that's what we call being mommy: having the ability of differing each sound of crying. You have to make a push and try hard to find what he needs dear mommy. Motherhood isn't over with giving birth. You have to head to this road when you really feel ready for it. Because this ride might be both long and more wearisome than you assumed. I am 28 and married, but my lovely mom still worries about me whether I am doing OK, whether I get over the bumps. But there are any kind of moms...any kind...They become mother just because it's hip ( yeap, having a baby is so fashion in recent years), and then what happens? Mostly, they can't manage it. The itsy bitsy baby is given to the babysitter, poor kid doesn't even know what mom smells like, what his mother's love and tenderness is like. The mother on the other hand, is all about trying to loose the weight she gaint during her pregnancy. I don't think women should give up their jobs just because she had a baby, but I think she should be fully involved with her kid at least for a year or two. My mom had a big sacrifice and stopped working after she had us, but I think mom should keep building her way up after a while.
I did above sketches on the's about a situation that I came across few days ago. The baby cries so bad and stops to check if anyone is wondering about him. In the meantime, the mother is dolling up in front of the mirror. That's fair but her only thought is what to wear, how to make her hair, because she will meet her friends soon. The baby gets even wilder since he couldn't a solution to his situation yet. But no response from the mother yet...It's actually very easy to get what the baby's problem is if you walk around him. The smelt is all around. He indeed looks like " woman, don't you get I'm in pain?" while he's crying. I felt pitty for him...I find out that the babysitter was gonna come while she was out with her friends. Why should she mess up with diapers? Why should she contaminate her hands? Why should she kick up a fuss while the babysitter was on the way? I told the story all on the fence, don't get me wrong why would I be mad at the mom (!) ?
With love from us to all moms and mom to bes...

P.S: I know all the young moms look so pretty and sweet, but it's not as easy as it's demonstrated. Please think twice before giving a solid decision this way that poor little thing wouldn't suffer later.
Illustration: BuBu

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