Monday, June 20, 2011

Daily inspiration: Fazil Say's Bach-Che

He dedicated his life to musical notes as mentioned on ntvmsnbc. He wrote his first composition at age 16, he is one of the best virtuosos in the world with his piano. Maybe he is better known in the world than in his own country. Maybe he is more respected in the world than in his country. But he is stubborn enough to believe in his own people, he is stubborn enough to share his talent with his own people. He is stubborn enough to give love of classical music to the kids living in far reached villages of the country. Thank you for sharing your rich world with us, Fazil Say. Thank you for stopping the time and taking us to a dream world while you play. Thank you for being around us.
(Bach-Che is a word game he created to describe his garden. Bahce means garden in Turkish).

For Turkish please click Trend Kupu.

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